Upper Truckee River Sewer Pipeline Protection Project

The Project is located in the Country Club Meadow just upstream of Lake Tahoe Golf Course on Upper Truckee River in South Lake Tahoe, California.  Construction activities completed during the fall of 2012 in the Upper Truckee River included the installation of three rock grade control structures and about 85 lineal feet of vegetated rock slope stabilization. WBS was a sub to nhc.

Four photo monitoring points (seven total pictures) were used to assess revegetation success related to the protection and restoration of the meadow in the vicinity of the temporary access road. Revegetation observations were made at the same time as the bed and bank stability observations were conducted in 2014 and focused on qualitative evaluation of revegetation success in terms of 1) survival of sufficient willow pole cuttings to increase woody vegetative cover compared to pre-project conditions; 2) adequate survival of salvaged sod to stabilize the upper bank; 3) adequate seed germination and growth to provide cover in disturbed areas, with no significant areas of areas of bare or exposed soil outside of trails defined by human use; 4) normal health and vigor in revegetation plantings comparable to the SEZ in the areas adjacent to the work area; and 5) absence of noxious weeds and invasive exotic species.