Bijou Area Erosion Control Project

WBS completed the first year of construction oversight for this comprehensive water quality improvement project in 2014 with follow up weed control oversight in the spring of 2016. Work included salvage of the endemic and threatened Tahoe yellow cress (TYC), submittal review, and oversight of construction of the treatment basins and overflow swales in the Bijou Meadow.

In 2015 and 2016 WBS completed the first and second years of post construction monitoring of revegetated and restored areas. Mitigation for the ‘taking’ of TYC began in the summer of 2015 with the successful out-planting of salvaged and propagated plants. Monitoring of the very successful revegetation work was completed in 2016; monitoring of TYC continues through 2017 with yearly surveys of the mitigation site as well as reference plots at Lily Beach.

This project received a Tahoe Regional Planning Agency ‘Best of the Basin’ award in 2015.

WBS continues in its final year of post construction monitoring for this comprehensive water quality improvement project in South lake Tahoe, CA. Monitoring includes revegetation of treatment basins and swales, as well as the endemic Tahoe yellow cress.